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Exceptionnel Shopping at Monte-Carlo Pavilions


The Monte-Carlo

Promenade Monte-Carlo Shopping which brings together around 40 stores in the proximity of Place du Casino. The shopping tour starts by meandering among the Pavillons Monte-Carlo, a set of boutiques opposite to the Casino that resemble contemporary sculptures, continues past the Hôtel Hermitage, then down the prestigious Avenue de Monte-Carlo and Allée François Blanc. All the leading labels are gathered there, under the warm, blue Mediterranean sky.


Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer presents an all new shopping experience in the Boulingrins Gardens, just a stone’s throw away from the Place du Casino.

The Monte-Carlo Pavilions consist of 5 superb pebble-shaped spaces, with a total surface area of 2,500 m², large enough for twenty shops. With their rounded, futuristic shapes, the pavilions are located between the avenue de la Costa and the Place du Casino.

Located just a step from Place du Casino, 5 superb pebble-shaped spaces...
Luxury Shop in Monaco
Luxury Shop in Monaco
Luxury Shop in Monaco
Luxury Shop in Monaco

The Monte-Carlo Pavilions

All pavilions are unique, each with a different shape and size ranging from 220 to 600 m² and a ceiling height of maximum 10 m. The temporary pavilions are meant to last 4 years, which corresponds to the duration of the renovation works at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo and the Sporting d’Hiver.

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The société des Bains de mer presents Monte-Carlo Shopping, an open air promenade for luxury shopping around the renowned Place du Casino.